After 74 years as a Hollywood nightlife institution, Ye Coach and Horses has lost its lease and is being evicted by Samuel French Bookstore who owns the property.

It is reported that img_0912the owner and management of the bar are locked in a legal fight with Samuel French over an eviction notice that was served on July 1st, 2010.

Many celebrities of film, television and music have called Ye Coach and Horses home over the past seven decades, among them Alfred Hitchcock, Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter O’Toole, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Spacey, James Gandolfini, Quentin Tarantino, Drew Barrymore, Michael Keaton and Alicia Silverstone.

Supporters of the Coach alfredhitchcock19591and Horses say it would be a shame and a travesty to let this establishment slip away without a fight.

The bar has announced a “Support the Coach” party later in the month with details to be released shortly.

In the meantime, anyone who would like to write a letter of protest to Samuel French, can do so at:

Friends of Ye Coach and Horses have also established a Facebook page for future updates:

Kiefer Sutherland to Face Minor Assult Charges Over Headbutt Incident

Kiefer Sutherland will surrender to authorities to face a minor assault charge for head-butting a fashion designer at a party, a law enforcement source told the New York Daily News.

Sutherland will be charged with third-degree assault for the attack on designer Jack McCollough, sources said.

The actor 18884pcn_Kieferwill be issued a desk appearance ticket for the misdemeanor – meaning he won’t be jailed and will be free to travel before he’s arraigned.

Sutherland slammed his head into McCollough’s at a SoHo nightspot – felt bad about the bizarre display according to a friend.

“Kiefer is sorry it happened. Absolutely. It’s terribly regrettable,” the friend said.

Still, the friend insisted Sutherland lashed out because McCollough, a designer for Proenza Schouler, bumped into actress Brooke Shields and didn’t apologize. “Kiefer was provoked,” the friend said.

Another source at the party meanwhile said Sutherland ”way overreacted” when McCollough bumped into Shields ”clearly by accident” while she was chatting with Sutherland.

A source at the post-gala party who witnessed the altercation claims ”it happened in a flash. Suddenly there was all this yelling and cursing and Jack’s face was all bloody.

”Kiefer really looked like he was in a daze of some kind.”

The designer reportedly was rushed to a New York hospital, suffering from a broken nose. He was released Tuesday after being kept in the hospital overnight for observation.

McCollough’s publicist called Sutherland’s actions a ”vicious, violent, unprovoked assault” on the designer. ”Anyone who knows Jack McCollough knows that he wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

The actor, who co-starred with Shields in the 1996 film ”Freeway,” is currently on probation in Los Angeles on a DUI charge. The L.A. authorities have yet to comment on what, if any, action they will take in light of the Monday night incident.

McCollough’s people are not saying if the designer will be filing a lawsuit against Sutherland.

Keifer Southerland Headbutts Fashion Designer

A complaint was filed against the actor, Keifer Southerland on Tuesday after he headbutted a man while attending the Metropolitan Art Institute’s Costume Gala kiefer-sutherland-20051113-83977Monday night. The alleged victim, who has been identified as fashion designer Jack McCollough, was seen nursing a broken nose when leaving the First Precinct in Lower Manhattan Tuesday night.

According to reports, the scuffle between Sutherland and McCollough broke out after the designer was seen knocking over actress Brooke Shields.

The incident, which was witnessed by Kiefer and a slew of other attendees, prompted the “24” actor to rush over and assist Shields. According to eyewitness reports, when Sutherland demanded that McCollough apologize for the incident, he refused and was seen shoving Sutherland who responded with a headbutt.

Currently on probation for a 2007 DUI bust, Sutherland has not responded to the allegations.

Sources say he has not been questioned by New York City police as of Tuesday night, however police are investigating the incident.