Can a Film Get into Sundance Without Industry Pull?


Hollywood: January 23, 2012

With the 2012 Sundance Film Festival underway in Utah from January 19th through January 29th, we cannot help but ask this question.

Does a filmmaker without a famous last name, without representation by a major agency or a “festival rep” or without having a recognizable name in his or her film have even a remote chance of being accepted by Sundance or by any of the top tier festivals?

In looking at the Sundance lineup this year, it would seem highly unlikely. Sundance is a private club reserved for the famous and the connected.

Sundance should release a list. They should be accountable and tell us how many films playing in their festival were submitted by “civilians.” People without industry connection or access to star power. Prove us wrong, Sundance.

With thousands of film schools around the country promising young filmmakers a career, perhaps they should also be teaching “ass-kissing” as a subject.

We’re just saying.