Paris Hilton and Boyfriend in Hit and Run Incident

Los Angeles,CA  September 30, 2010

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Cy Waits were involved in a car accident with the paparazzi on Thursday morning, in which Waits was cited for misdemeanor hit and run.

The incident took place paris-hilton-fake-lipsearly Thursday morning in West Hollywood when photographers swarmed the couple as they were leaving a restaurant.

As Waits attempted to leave, a woman photographer was struck by the couple’s car.

“It was more scary than anything because all I could see was this car still going and rolling on top of me,” hit-and-run victim and part-time paparazzi Carol told in an exclusive interview.

“And that’s what I thought about when I got home from the doctor; I’m lying in bed and all I can think about is that car coming at me!”

Authorities tell that Waits was “detained” but later released. He was given a citation and will appear in court at a later date.


Paris Hilton was booked by Las Vegas police after the socialite was found to have cocaine in her purse Friday night.

The Las Vegas Police paris-hiltonDepartment have released few details about the case but a police official told CNN Hilton was riding in a black Cadillac near the Wynn Hotel when police smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and pulled it over. Both Hilton and the driver were arrested.

Hilton has since been released and there are no details on her pending court appearance to face charges.


Sunday, August 29, 2010. 10 a.m.

In a statement to on Saturday, Paris Hilton’s attorney David Chesnoff says, “Paris Hilton was released this morning on her own recognizance. This matter will be dealt with in the courts not in the media and I encourage people not to rush to judgment until all of the facts have been dealt with in a court of law. There will be no interviews and no more comments at this time.”

Meanwhile, reports are also surfacing that Vegas police did not follow standard procedure during the arrest.

Paris was taken into the security offices at the Wynn and searched there, a source has told media outlets. “Cops discovered the cocaine inside the security offices where Paris was taken. Because Paris was taken away from the scene where the car was pulled over, this could potentially be an illegal search of a person.


Charges Eventually Dropped.

Hollywood celeb Paris Hilton was arrested after a World Cup match in South Africa on Friday but subsequently released without charge.

She appeared late Friday in a FIFA World Cup paris-hilton-arrestedcourtroom after being arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana at a quarterfinal match between Brazil and the Netherlands.

The authorities dropped the charges against Hilton, after her co-accused, Jennifer Rovero, “acknowledged to be in possession of cannabis, and pleaded guilty,” said Brig. Sally De Beer, a spokeswoman for South African police.

Rovero, 31, from New York, was sentenced to a fine of 1,000 rand ($130) or 30 days imprisonment, De Beer said.

Hilton appeared in a special FIFA World Cup court around midnight local time. The courts are set up for the duration of the soccer tournament, so cases can be turned around in days — rather than many months, even years, as is common in the country’s overwhelmed justice system — and sometimes harsh sentences are imposed.

A publicist for Hilton, 29, said the incident was a “misunderstanding.”

Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape Coming Soon

It was only a matter of time. Lindsay Lohan has reportedly joined the ranks of Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton to have her very own sex tape, coming to the internet soon.

According to UK paper, lindsay_lohanThe Daily Mirror, a 47 second clip showing the starlet naked and going at it with a mystery male is being shopped by an unnamed Los Angeles waiter who is trying to sell it to the highest bidder.

“This video’s dynamite,” a source tells The Mirror. “It is pretty seedy and shows Lindsay engaged in a particular sex act which, obviously, should remain behind closed doors.”

“If and when it is released on the internet, via a spurious, unofficial website, there is absolutely nothing she or her lawyers can do about it.”

“Lindsay is devastated – particularly as she is working hard on cleaning up her act” the source added.

Razzies Love to Hate Paris Hilton and Mike Myers

LOS ANGELES — The Razzies awarded Mike Myers’ “The Love Guru” top honors for being one of the worst films Hollywood had to offer in 2008.

Not to be outdone, Paris Hilton got three awards all on her own at a ceremony that spoofs the Academy Awards on the eve of the Oscars.

“The Love Guru” won three Razzies on Saturday for worst picture, actor (Myers in the title role) and screenplay, which Myers co-wrote. Hilton’s three prizes are worst actress for “The Hottie and the Nottie,” supporting actress for “Repo! The Genetic Opera” and worst screen couple alongside either of her “Hottie” co-stars, Christine Lakin or Joel David Moore.

With three Razzies, Hilton tied the record set last year by Eddie Murphy, who won worst actor, supporting actor and supporting actress for his multiple roles in “Norbit.”

Pierce Brosnan was chosen as worst supporting actor for “Mamma Mia!”

The worst-director Razzie went to Uwe Boll for three movies: “In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale,” “1968: Tunnel Rats” and “Postal.”

Razzies voters also gave Boll a prize for worst career achievement whose critically drubbed movies include “Bloodrayne” and its sequel.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was named worst prequel, remake, rip-off or sequel.

John Wilson, founder of the Razzies, said Boll and Hilton’s movies are so bad, he could envision a collaboration between the two.