Review: Sex Drive. Been There… Done That.


There are admittedly a few crude laughs to be had in this predictable comedy from director Sean Anders who tries his best to “push the envelope” but ends up ripping off “Superbad,” “American Pie,” “Euro Trip” and the numerous Judd Apatow and John Hughes films that have gone before him.

Josh Zuckerman plays Ian, an 18 year old virgin who steals his brother’s prized Pontiac GTO in order to hook up with Ms. Tasty, (Katrina Bowden) a girl he met on the internet.  Ms. T. has promised to go “all the way” if Ian drives the 800 miles to see her. What’s a horny virgin to do?  Ian recruits his best pal, Lance (Clark Duke) and the lads are joined by the feisty Felicia (Amanda Crew) on whom Ian has a crush but she only wants to be friends.  Without benefits.

Of course we all know Felicia is the girl Ian should be with from the minute we see her.  Lance is the cocky, overweight nerd who always scores with the ladies. Don’t ask why. It’s a teen movie, stupid. For that matter, one could also question why Ian is still a virgin. After all he is smart, clean and not that bad looking.  Is it because he works as a “donut” handing out coupons at a shopping mall?

Poor Ian. Even his 14 year old brother gets nookie.

As the kids embark on their road trip, they meet up with some crazy red necks who chase them through a corn field, have to piss in the radiator when their car overheats and encounter numerous whackos and freaks–as well as some hot Amish chicks.

Seth Green pops up along the way as a smart-ass Amish guy who has a skill for fixing cars, and James Marsden is pretty f-ing funny as Ian’s homophobic brother, Rex.

At one hour and forty eight minutes Sex Drive runs out of gas well before the end credits, but if boobs, bodily fluids and dick jokes are your thing, then maybe you’ll enjoy this ride.

Our rating: **