Popstar! Magazine Launches Popstar! TV on Digital Outlets


POPSTAR! MAGAZINE, a national leading entertainment magazine for more than three million readers for two decades announced today the worldwide launch of the new over-the-top (OTT) App, POPSTAR! TV on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku, with many more outlets to come before the end of the year.  With over 600 hours of content, POPSTAR! TV will be a one-stop shop for exceptional programming combining original dramas, including their two newest action/horror series EVIL TOUCH and DEATH SQUAD, comedies, movies, POPSTAR! Radio, short form Internet sensations, and hot celebrity gossip.

Jacob Mayberry, Vice President for POPSTAR! Publishing Inc. said, “POPSTAR! has been a leading influence in pop culture and a hub for all things Hollywood. With the launch of POPSTAR! TV, we have expanded to our untapped potential of an all-encompassing media source.  POPSTAR! TV is a platform that will stick out above and beyond the rest.  For an exciting variety of media, check out POPSTAR! TV.”

        POPSTAR! TV is the new 24/7 force in quality, original entertainment, targeting college aged females.  POPSTAR! TV has just launched its new OTT channel on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TVand Roku this month, with many more outlets to come.  With over 600 hours of content, POPSTAR! TV will be a one-stop shop for exceptional programming combining original dramas, comedies, movies, POPSTAR! Radio, short form Internet sensations, and hot celebrity gossip.

Jim Romanovich, President of Worldwide Entertainment for Associated Television International, which distributes POPSTAR!, said:  POPSTAR! has proven to be such a strong brand that above all other OTT linear channels and Apps we choose to produce high-end original dramatic content for the channel that no one else is doing. Popstar! TV is destined to be a leading force in choice entertainment.”

POPSTAR! TV is also launching its linear broadcast stream channel with DistroTV and YouToo America.  Through this initial distribution reach, the POPSTAR! TV channel will reach tens of millions of potential users adding to its over FIVE MILLION active social media followers.  POPSTAR! TV will soon debut a brand-new celebrity and gossip show, POPSTAR! Today.

The POPSTAR! TV launch is in addition to POPSTAR! TV brand mobile Apps available for the iPhone, Android and Web.  Other major OTT and linear digital streaming partners will soon be announced.

POPSTAR! Magazine brings readers the latest in celebrity and entertainment news from around the world.  The pioneering 
magazine continues to set the standard in the ever-evolving field of millennial entertainment.  POPSTAR! Magazine prides itself on being reader’s number one source for accurate information about the topics readers care about, including entertainment, beauty and fashion, and news.

        POPSTAR! leverages its roots in video production to provide high quality videos for viewers to binge watch.  POPSTAR! now offers a completely free digital bonus magazine that goes in depth to provide exclusive celebrity stories readers won’t find anywhere else.  POPSTAR!’s newly launched radio station provides listeners with tomorrow’s pop, rock and hip-hop hits, today.  Streaming music and talk radio 24/7.

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