OMG! A New Talk Show in Hollywood!


Watch out Conan, Dave and Jay. Transplanted Australian TV maven, Steven Brandon, has entered the talk show arena with his brand new internet program, TV TALK TONIGHT.

With his fellow Aussie side-kick, Carly Einfeld, 26556_114494341896399_114401831905650_263297_6445861_nBrandon talks about something he could certainly hold a PHD in. Television. This kid knows his stuff. From the sound of him, he could boost the national Nielson ratings all on his own.

Compelling and lighthearted, TV Talk Tonight reviews shows such as Survivor, Lost, Celebrity Apprentice, Glee, Brothers & Sisters and Big Bang Theory.  In the current show Brandon and Einfeld bust Jack Bauer for his real time sexual escapade on 24. “Come on Jack Bauer. We know you can do better that eight minutes”.

Along with the news and  gossip, the show has had guests such as Ariana Savalas, daughter of award-winning, actor, Telly Salavas, (Kojak) and Rob Cesternino, a former contestant from the show Survivor.

“A” list talent has not yet discovered this program.  Maybe they should.

Colorful, expressive and certainly lovable, Mr. Brandon dishes the dirt and shows his vast TV knowledge on each episode.

Getting flack for saying “Oh, my God” one time too many, 26276_119013778111122_114401831905650_281771_111388_n1Brandon had to eat a hot pepper on the latest show as punishment. Sweating with tears streaming down his face, he finished the show like a trooper.

Filmed in someone’s apartment, the kitchy set compliments the fun filled ten minute program.

A catchy musical theme by Josh Brandon, a cool animated opening by Stephen Leonard and ably directed by Christopher James Burke, TV Talk Tonight is a fun and fast paced internet show that should not be missed.

See it here: