Laura Vandervoort and Olesya Rulin Star in Upcoming Thriller, “Black Bags”


“Black Bags,” a new thriller by writers Adam Pachter and Angela Bourassa, has been acquired by Spitfire Cinema. The film begins principal photography in Guthrie, Oklahoma on May 10, 2021, and stars Laura Vandervoort and Olesya Rulin as two women who meet seemingly randomly on a Greyhound bus and accidentally swap suitcases, leading to grave consequences. 

Vandervoort has starred in Bitten for the SyFy network, as well as portraying Supergirl on the CW’s Smallville, Anna in Jigsaw from the “Saw” franchise, and most recently writing, producing, and directing her first film, My Soul to Take. Rulin is best known for her portrayal of Kelsi Nielsen on the High School Musical franchise, Calista Secor on the Marvel TV series Powers, and for her current role on NCIS: L.A.

Laura Vandervoort – Photo by: Irvin Rivera

“Black Bags” will be directed by Joshua Brandon, known for his work as a writer on the SyFy Network’s Haven as well as Houdini & Doyle on FOX. His recently completed feature, the psychological mystery A Thousand Little Cuts, starred Marina Sirtis, Rebecca Liddiard, and Colin Ferguson.

I’m thrilled to be making another film in Oklahoma and to be working with Laura and Olesya,” stated Brandon. “I’ve been a fan of both actors and it will be a privilege to collaborate with them to bring Adam Pachter and Angela Bourassa’s amazing script to life.”

Olesya Rulin

I love that the film stars two women who aren’t fighting over a man,” shared Rulin. “I was immediately drawn to “Black Bags” because it portrays women in their most authentic form: complex, multi-layered, and messy.”

“I can’t wait to dissect and play such a flawed, broken yet determined woman,” added Vandervoort. “In addition to an incredible script and story, I love the characters’ complexities (and yet similarities) as they deal with their individual secrets coming to light in such an intense context.”

Producers for the film include Peter Foldy, B.L. Fleischer, Joshua Brandon, and Ronnie Wiskup. Adam Ropp will co-produce, with Ricki Maslar, CSA handling casting. Emmy-winning cinematographer Timothy Riese has signed on as Director of Photography.

“Black Bags” is supported by the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Incentive.

Featured photo by: Millie Cossou