“Hot Kicks” Rock Santa Monica




Peter Hughes

One of the freshest, most energized bands to come out of Australia in years are the Hot Kicks. We caught them at the Dakota Lounge in Santa Monica where they managed to get a rather laid back crowd on their feet by the end of their short thirty five minute set.

The Hot Kicks are thehotkicks_hires_pressPete Kicks on guitar, Kim Kicks on drums and Mick Kicks on bass and lead vocals. For a trio, the Hot Kicks have a full and vibrant sound that uses a mix of alternative, classic rock and punk to great effect. Pete plays a mean guitar, Mick is solid on bass and Kim is one of the most visual and rapid-fire drummers on the rock scene today. Her rainbow colored hair flies everywhere as she pounds the skins, occasionally sneering or making crazy faces that had me smiling.

The Hot Kicks perform rock music with strong hooks and powerful melodies. Two memorable songs, “The Money” and “Pretty Little Face” from their EP, “Kid in a Candy Store” are still stuck in my brain. Seriously. Both tracks received well deserved international radio and critical kudos in 2008.

While they do mainly originalimg_47711 material, their cover of the White Stripes tune, “Fell in Love with a Girl” at the Dakota was also powerful.

Visually, they always manage to stimulate. Pete and Mick strut the stage with confidence and a knowing smile. They bounce off each other with a playfulness that is both classic rock and indicative of two dudes who simply love what they do. Their stage experience helped the Hot Kicks whip even a small room like the The Dakota into a minor frenzy. This band knows how to work a crowd.  The Hot Kicks are loud, naughty, with a drive and a determination that is hard to ignore. A couple of hits could easily propel the band to major stardom.

Word has it that they are currently recording their debut album. Maybe this will break them out in America and beyond. Their talent certainly warrants US and international recognition.

Hot Kicks next play in Ventura at The Good Bar on Saturday the 30th. They are an act well worth catching.

Check out their website: www.theHotKicks.com