Eye Contact with Holly Hunter Forbidden

With an Academy Award® to her credit, along with four Oscar® nominations, two Emmys®, a Best Actress award from the Cannes Film Festival and countless other 121626__hunter_laccolades, Holly Hunter is one of the most acclaimed actresses of her generation — this according to her bio on the “Saving Grace” website, the show on which she stars as “Grace” and also produces.

You would think all that acclaim and success might be enough to make the lady more secure on a TV set. Not the case. Reports continue to surface that Ms. Hunter is a major, out of control diva.

According to an eyewitness who wishes to remain anonymous, Hunter had four extras sent home last week from the “Saving Grace” set.

Their crime? They dared to glance at Hunter after they were instructed not to. Another one had the audacity to say “hi” as the star walked by. The four $60 a day extras were immediately terminated by an AD.

“No eye contact” is the mantra on the “Saving Grace” set and Hunter bosses the AD’s around, insisting this rule is enforced.

This comes after the Billy Bob Thornton incident in Toronto where the actor was incredibly rude to a TV host after he dared to mention that Billy Bob is known as an actor, but was in the studio to perform with his band.

How many other insecure monsters like Hunter and Thornton do we have working in Hollywood?

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Meanwhile, our advise to Holly Hunter is chill out, lady. Life’s too short.

Billy Bob Update: CND Tour Cancelled

Billy Bob Thornton’s band has canceled the rest of its Canadian tour after the actor compared the country’s fans to mashed potatoes with no gravy in a testy interview that caused a sensation online.

The Boxmasters opened for Willie Nelson on Thursday in Toronto, where they reportedly were booed and met with catcalls of “Here comes the gravy.”

Billy Bob Thornton Agitated by CND Radio Host

Don’t ask Billy Bob Thorton about his acting career. Not when he is plugging his band the Boxmasters. A Toronto radio host found out the hard way when Billy Bob got agitated, billybobthornton-243x300began lecturing the guy on how to do his job, claiming the host, Jian Ghomeshi of the CBC Canada radio show Studio Q, was instructed not to ask the actor about his movie career. Thornton ultimately walked off the show.

On tour with Willie Nelson, Thornton was reportedly under the influence, but his representative, Arnold Robinson, says that is flatly untrue. “Billy Bob clearly just had an issue with the guy,” Robinson says. Robinson confirms that while it’s true Thornton does not like to be asked about his movie career while promoting his band, the radio host was never “instructed” to avoid the topic. “Bottom line: We don’t tell people what questions they can or cannot ask,” Robinson says. Apparently, Thornton just wasn’t in the best mood this morning, but he doesn’t seem to have had a change of heart in the hours since. When asked if there were any apologies or group hugs after the segment, Robinson laughs. “I don’t think so, no.” See the entire interview below.

See the video here: