New play Remembers Holocaust, Celebrates Anne Frank’s 90th Birthday at Museum of Tolerance

LOS ANGELES (May 2, 2019) — In observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Simon Wiesenthal Center today announced casting for a new play about Anne Frank that will celebrate what would have been her 90th birthday this summer.

Eve Brandstein will direct Timothy P. Brown, Rob Brownstein, Tony DeCarlo, Andrea Gwynnel, Ava Lalezarzadeh, Kevin Matsumoto, Mary Gordon Murray, Aylam Orian and Marnina Schon in the U.S. premiere of Anne by Dutch playwrights Jessica Durlacher and Leon de Winter — in a never-before-seen adaptation by Nick Blaemire. Suzi Dietz will produce.

In this new adaptation of the immortal Holocaust story, 13 year-old Anne Frank imagines her life as a young woman — safe in a post-war world. When she meets a publisher who expresses interest in her story, Anne looks back on the two years she spent hidden away with her family during the Nazi regime.

This innovative production eschews traditional sets and costumes to place the audience and actors on the same dramatic plane as the characters — all real people under real circumstances — fighting for their lives, sanity and dreams of the future.

Previews will begin June 5, with performances taking place June 16 through July 22 at the Museum of Tolerance.

Super Kickball League Update


by Larry Motts

Kick Ball Weekly 01/31/09

After an unprecedented 5 year undefeated streak, the Beavers finally faltered to the Punishers in Super KickBowl VII with a score of 8 to 4 on Saturday.  The once pathetic Punishers used both a return of key personal and an infusion of rising young talent to get the team back in to fighting shape.  With the return of MVP’s Grant Thompson and Brian Campbell coupled with the “un-retired” Hall of Famer Kate Martin, the Punishers defense was a juggernaut.  The arrival of Chris Chambers, who walked with MVP honors, Tyler Kroos, and Lauren Salvail all helped bring the offense back to life.  Mike Azzolino summed it up best, “It was truly a team effort.”

In the Beavers defense they were missing many high profile players such as Derek Jones and Bryan Seabury, but Beavers coach Rachel Dardinski didn’t let that stand as an excuse, “We had tons of new talent of our own and we put up a great fight.  We just have to tip our hat to the Punishers.”  The new talent Dardinski mentioned included Justin Sloggatt, Joe Roseto and Crystal Myers whom all proved that the Beavers will be competitive for many years to come.  However, the promise of the future doesn’t ease the sting of the present, as Beaver superstar Mark Gilfix expressed, “I have five rings and I really really wanted to get six, and I’ll see to it personally that next year I do!”  The fight goes on and we’ll see you all next year for Super KickBowl VIII.

Game   Score        Winner                  MVP                       Stats

#1        8-3        Punishers          Grant Thompson      2 HR, 6 RBIs
#2        11-2      Punishers          Bryan Beasley           5 Put Outs, 4 Hits
#3        7-4        Punishers          John Bennett            3 RBIs, 3 Runs
#4        3-2 (10) Punishers          Kate Bailey               Game Winning Run,2 Runs
#5        5-4        Punishers          Brian Campbell         Game Winning RBI,4 Hits
#6*      5-2        Punishers          Derek Jones              3 HR., 4 RBIs

’03 Super KickBowl I (2002 season)

#7        4-3       Punishers          Marcel Honore            Game Winning RBI
#8**     5-2       Punishers          Parker Douglass         1 HR, 3 RBIs
#9*”     5-0       Punishers          “Boston” Dave G.         4 RBIs, 4 Hits
#10      6-3       Punishers          Sabrina Abu-Hamdeh 3 Put Outs, 2 Hits

’04 Super KickBowl II (2003 season)

#11      7-6 (12) Beavers          Kassidy Jones                2RBIs, 2 Hits, 9 Put Outs

’05 Super KickBowl III (2004 season)

#12      5-2        Beavers          Tal Russ                       3RBIs, 4Hits
’06 Super KickBowl IV (2005 season

#13      8-2         Beavers          Beaver Team               8 Runs

’07 Super KickBowl V (2006 season)

#14**” 9-0         Beavers          Mark Gilfix                   4 RBIs, 4 Hits
Kate Edmonds             Double Play, 5 Put Outs

’08 Super KickBowl VI (2007 season)

#15      5-1       Beavers            Rachel Dardinski          ERA 1.00, 2Hits

’09 Super KickBowl VI (2008 season)

#16      8-4       Punishers          Chris Chambers            1 HR, 1 DB, 4 RBIs

* Derek Jones sets record for most HR (3) in a game

**Ryan Johnston sets record for strikeouts in a game (4), 3 in one inning.

*Kate Martin throws first ever shutout in KBL history.

**Rachel Dardinski throws second shutout in KBL history.