Enough about “Nine”


The film “Nine” has bombed at the box office. With a budget of $80 million, plus about $30 million in marketing, the musical has brought in just under $6 million dollars since its release on December 18th.

Despite the fact that penelope_cruz-1Americans are staying away from this dud, the morning chat shows continue to plug the film. Only this morning, NBC’s Today Show had Penelope Cruz talking about her role in “Nine.”

What kind of pact do these talk shows make with film distributors? Why do they keep promoting films that clearly hold little interest for the film-going public? How much do talk shows get paid to plug films? Are the raves and gushy interviews supposed to instill confidence in the network’s journalistic integrity?

“Nine” has confirmed that the star system as we know it is all but over. All that talent in “Nine” couldn’t bring audiences into theaters, while films like “The Hangover” with no stars earn a total of $459,422,869 to date worldwide.

It’s time stop trying to get blood from a stone. “Nine” is no more that a three and a half.  Lets move on and clear the airwaves. There are plenty of worthy films and actors to talk about.