Buzzed, Happy and Helping Kids


By Alan von Kalckreuth

The recent gala Oscar party held at the salubrious home of Daphna Ziman to benefit the 15th Annual Oscar Viewing Party To Benefit Children Uniting Nations was an evening of fun, excitement, great food and hope – hope for the children in foster care who so often live in a twilight world where even the glimmer of distant stars –movies or celestial- seldom cast a beam.

So this year in Hollywood on Oscar night it was uplifting to see how fun, entertainment, high fashion and celebrities can swirl into a beacon of hope and promise for those who need Cun-3companionship, advocacy and love.   Children Uniting Nations is dedicated to the supporting children who are placed in foster care.  The foster system places children with caring foster parents, but all to often these children are shuffled from one home to another in the course of their childhood.  The Children Uniting Nations foundation bridges those transitions by giving the children a support group, that is as solid as rock, through counseling, mentoring friendship…  and a link to the world and energy that is the entertainment business.

The celebrities and guests at the event, who certainly had a bunch of options on how to spend Oscar Night, chose to attend the galaCun-2 over other “happening” parties and the place was buzzing, happy and moved to jive to the music of  “A” list performers, and the result was an alchemical swirl of fun, good cheer and awesome karma.

Founder and Chair, Daphne Zima: “Our mission is to create loving, tolerant, and capable world citizens. We are dedicated to help children find their way to fulfill their dreams.”