Birth: The Movie


Alan von Kalckreuth

Chiropractor turns to filmmaking in order to halt the alarming trend of delivering babies in breach position by cesarean section.

Dr. Elliot Berlin has now executive produced two films dealing with the medical professions trend away from natural birth for babies about to be born in the breach position, or being delivered by mothers who had a previous child delivered by cesarean section.  A breach birth is where the baby is in Cut-N-Grab-2an upright poison at the time of delivery.  Babies who dive headfirst into this world manage to reduce the risks of complications and distress during labor and are the preferred option.  Those who are in a feet, or butt first, position can present complications, and on occasion require a degree of skill that is no longer taught to delivery doctors.

Berlin, along with a growing number of medical professionals, want doctors to be taught the skills necessary to deliver breach babies through natural birth if that is what the mother chooses.

“I’m about people knowing there are choices,” Berlin declared to the informed audience attending a preview of his new film Heads Up.  The film was screened to a select audience of medical professionals and parents in preparation for its release this spring.  Berlin a chiropractor and founder of the Berlin Wellness Group, a prenatal, pediatric and family chiropractic wellness center in the Mid Wilshire area of Los Angeles explains that the issue is about a nation wide policy to deliver babies who are in a breech position by c-section because it is in the interests of the insurance companies to have these babies delivered in the lowest risk circumstance.  This choice of birth practice is looked on by the medical profession as desirable even if the outcome interferes with natures process to encourage mother baby bonding that will be central to the child’s future emotional well being.

Berlin is one of a growing number of advocates who are saying CutnGrabthat the faulty science that led to c-section birth as the only option for both breach birth and additional births post c-section by the medical profession since 2002 needs to be updated.

The importance of natural birth is that it allows the baby and the mother to bond during the birthing process and immediately after.  In the case of a c-section once the baby has been removed from the mother the mother needs further surgical treatment and so the baby is placed in an incubator.

Heads Up shows the miracle of birth; in this case a butt-first breach birth being delivered by Dr. Stuart Fischbein, one of the few doctors in Los Angeles prepared to deliver breech babies.  The baby is calm and flexible and through some impressive yoga moves eases itself into the world where her heaving and puffing mommy is waiting with open arms to hug her future collage grad.

Film maker, Mel Kennedy-Morrow, contrasts this birth with a surgical cut-and-grab birth where the mother is shrouded from seeing her own delivery and the baby is quickly taken away by a nurse as the attending doctors stitches her belly back up again… while discussing tax advantages of property investment.