“MySpace” Friend, Tom Fired


When I joined the networking website, MySpace, my first friend was “Tom.” I was 2502_mexcited to have made an internet buddy so quickly. Then I found that Tom was everyone’s friend.

Now, the founders of MySpace are leaving the helm of the pioneering Web site that made social-networking a mainstream phenomenon. Owner, News Corp. seeks to reinvigorate the once-hot property it acquired four years ago.

The stepping aside of Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, whose contracts weren’t due to expire until October, represents a pivotal test for the viability of social-networking sites. While social-networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook have exploded in popularity in recent years, they have struggled to generate the kind of revenue and earnings prospects that can sustain them as businesses over the long haul.

I understand all that, but what will MySpace users do without Tom?