Artists Profit From The Resale their Music on Redigi


Los Angeles,  June 13, 2012

REDIGI, the controversial online marketplace for pre-owned digital music, has announced the launch of their “Artist Syndication Program.” The program is designed to “directly support artists” by allowing them to profit from the resale of their music in the secondary market (ReDigi will share 20% of the transaction fee with the artist each time their track sells and resells).

In order to avoid the resale of illegally acquired digital files, ReDigi’s Verification Engine claims to ensure that each music file uploaded for storage was legally acquired from an eligible source. Their Atomic Cloud transfer system then enables the transfer of a digital music file between buyer and seller without copying or file sharing.

When compared to traditional physical record stores, where artists were left out of the loop and received nothing for the resale of their music, ReDigi is actually the first secondary market for music that compensates artists for the resale of their work.

The major label have launched lawsuits, accusing Redigi of copyright infringement.

Stay tuned.