A Tasty Wine for Republicans, Democrats and the Undecided


Los Angeles: October 14, 2012

Just in time for the Presidential elections in November comes a great new, you might say bi-partisan wine that is available along political party lines. Called Elephant Wine (for Republicans) and Donkey Wine for those of us more democratically inclined, this delicious libation is the brainchild of Leah Canon, a Los Angeles based wine promoter.

Ms. Canon was racking her brain to come up with a quality wine that tastes great and could be a unique concept that may inspire people to vote. Something that could be sold at large events. And what was the biggest event Ms. Canon could think of? The 2012 National Presidential Election.

Springing into action, she partnered up with entrepreneur, Peter Porreca and the pair soon raised the required funding to go into production. But they still needed a name for their new enterprise. While searching the web for available company names Peter turned to Leah and jokingly asked, ‘‘Want schmor wine?’’ And thus Schmor Wines Distributors was born.

Bottles have been flying off the shelves with Americans from both political parties ordering cases for their upcoming events.

Even the recent Presidential Debate has had an influence, claims Ms. Canon. After Mitt Romney was largely touted as the winner of the first debate, sales of the Elephant Wine saw an upswing. Is it possible Schmor Wines can predict the next President of the United States?

While all this may sound like pure novelty, it’s not. This wine is well worth the price and can be enjoyed alone or with your favorite meal.

Having recently sampled a glass of Donkey, I can report that the wine is primarily a blend of 2009 Central Coast Merlot and Syrah. There’s approximately 10% of nicely aged French Oak Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, with a tiny amount of Petit Verdot and Petite Sirah. These add a hint of austerity and structure to the flavor. A few drops of fruity 2010 Voignier from Santa Maria smoothes out any rough tannins and adds a floral note. The warmer climate Merlot and Syrah creates a fruit salad of red plum and raspberry notes. The Cabs add dark blackberry notes with hints of vanilla and dark chocolate from the barrel aging. This wine is decadent and clings to your challis.

But these wines don’t just please your palate. They come complete with their own wine-ties that speaks to you when you press their buttons. Red of course for the Elephant wine and a blue tie for the Donkey. These certainly add a touch of humor to experience and the otherwise serious side of listening to politics and debates.
Elephant and Donkey wines are available individually, by the case or in a gift pack. They are a limited edition and commemorative of the 2012 political season as well as a wonderful gift to any lover of politics or a keepsake for your own wine collection.

To PURCHASE or for more information go to: www.schmorwine.com